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6 Steps Towards a Successful Consumer Proposal Process


A consumer proposal is a perfect alternative to bankruptcy. It is a better way of negotiating debt reduction and making the payment up to five years. Unlike bankruptcy, the terms of the proposal allow the person to retain their assets. It is usually an agreement between you and the creditors on a payment plan for part of the debt. 

One of the basic requirements of planning for such a proposal is the presence of a bankruptcy trustee who has to be licensed. For the proposal to be fully legally binding, the creditors must first accept it before proceeding. 

The truth is, before coming up with the consumer proposal, your credit rating may be an R-7, but after making the necessary payment, it will improve though it depends on your commitment to pay. Below are some of the necessary steps towards a consumer proposal.

1. Find an Advisor

A proposal needs a lic.

How To Hire The Best Temporary Staff


There are different reasons why you might want to hire temporary staff. You might be facing an unexpected gap in staffing, or you might be in need of workers with specialized skills to work on a short-term project.

No matter what your reasons are, you want to hire temporary workers who are qualified, reliable, and committed. Here is how you can find and hire the best temporary staff to complete your team.

1. Define your needs

Before advertising your temporary position online or contacting a temp agency, you need to define what you are looking for. You have to be able to describe the job that needs to be done, and to know which skills and qualifications are necessary.

Since you are looking for temporary staff, you can’t afford to waste your time hiring someone who won’t be able to fulfill their tasks. Your needs and expectations .

5 Tips to Remember On Your First Tour to China


If you are taking your very first trip to China soon then be ready to be amazed!

China has greatly transformed in the last 20 years. The East Asian nation has morphed into an economic powerhouse and one of the most powerful countries in the world. When China sneezes, the entire planet catches a cold. That is how important China is in today’s world.

Aside from economics, China has a rich history, an incredible environment and cities for adventurous tourists to visit. Art, music, architecture and cuisine are just some of the things you can look forward to on your visit to Beijing, Shanghai or Tianjin.

Like other nations around the world, China has its own set of customs, behaviours and forms of etiquette that you should respect. You have to think of it as being a guest in somebody else’s home: you always be respectful of their wishes otherwise you’l.

A Guide to Preventative Maintenance Software: 5 Tips


Whether you are a small business with 15 employees or a massive corporation with hundreds of staff members, preventative maintenance software is an important tool for a company's ability to manage assets and enable maintenance chores to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Preventative maintenance software provides assurances of maximum reliability. It can assist in avoiding downtime as well as bypassing specific failures that can harm your operations.

The open market has offered corporate clients a wide array of preventative maintenance software applications. Since this is a highly technical choice to make, it can perhaps feel overwhelming and intricate. How you decide what software to buy will likely depend on what your firm needs.

Data centres, databases and equipment all need their own type of preventative maintenance software. When you have a great deal of manpower.

5 Ways to Live With Lactose Intolerance


A large number of Canadians are lactose intolerant. This is when you are unable to digest lactose that is found in milk and a wide variety of other dairy products. When you consume lactose then you experience a number of uncomfortable reactions, such as flatulence, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, chest congestions and bloating. And this occurs within 30 minutes.

Thankfully, the marketplace has afforded millions of people all over the world an array of non-dairy options so that you are still able to imbibe your necessary amount of calcium.

Everything from non-milk beverages to supplements, there are many ways that you can maintain a well-balanced diet with your lactose intolerance. All it takes is a little bit of due diligence, heightened awareness and your taste buds adapting to the change in your diet – a glass of chocolate soy takes a little bit getting used to, .

How To Choose The Catered Menu For Your Event


Choosing a menu for your event takes more time and consideration that just picking the food.  When you plan a special event, you will work with the catering pro to plan out the food and choosing each menu item for your guests. There are several things to discuss and consider when building a menu.

  1. Flexibility
    The menu options a caterer offers is almost always flexible. If there’s something specific you want that isn’t offered, ask. If there’s a substitution you would like, ask. A good caterer will work with you.
  2. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    The menu should offer some different pre-packaged meal options as well as à la carte The different meals of the day are usually unique.
    • Breakfast: packaged menus are usually easier to choose and more cost effective. Choices may include hot buffets, continental options, and breakfast stations. Select the option that best fits your schedule.
    • Lunch: may include boxed lunches, .

How to start processing payments for your small business


You have gone through many steps to establish your small business. Now, the most important thing you can do is probably to take a closer look at your payment processing operations.

You want to provide efficient payment processing to your customers, to make it easier for them to pay you the way they want to. Here are different methods your small business can use to process payments.

1. Get a countertop terminal

Countertop point-of-sale terminals are a great payment processing solution if you are running a retail store, a restaurant, or a dental office. It allows you to accept payments made with credit or debit cards.

If you need to be able to bring the point of payment to your customers, or to accept payments on the go, a short-range or long-range wireless terminal will be a better option for your small business.

2. Develop your online store

Whether you are running an online business, or you have created an online sto.

Flexography Basics, Advantages, And Disadvantages


Flexography is today’s version of letterpress printing, and can be used on pretty much any surface like cellophane, label stock, cardboard, metallic film, plastic, and fabric. The process uses semi-liquid, quick-drying inks, and flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around rotating cylinders on a web press. The inked rubber or plastic plates rotate at high speeds to transfer the image to the chosen substrate. Flexography offers many advantages as a printing technique, as well as some limitations. Let’s have a look.


  1. High Press Speeds
    Flexographic printing is performed faster than rotogravure, which is used for long print runs of stamps, newspapers, and magazines. It’s possible to print thousands of labels, for example, in just a short period of time using the flexo technique.
  2. Relatively Low Cost
    Most consu.

A How-to Guide for Business Call Centres


Communicating with your customers and potential customers is an important part of your business. However, your employees have better things to do than spending hours on the phone each day to offer technical support or to market your services.

Hiring new employees to create your own customer service team would be expensive, but fortunately there is an alternative: hiring a call centre. Here is how you can choose the right call centre services for your business.

1. Ask yourself what you are looking for

There are many call centres to choose from, and finding the right one for your business will be very difficult if you have no idea of what you are looking for. Do you only want to provide assistance to your customers, or would you like to also conduct surveys and do cold calling?

You should also have a good idea of how many calls you expect t.

How to Use Service Management Software for Your Business


Suffice to say, cloud and mobile technologies are transforming every facet of our lives. Whether it is at the office or inside of our humble abodes, everything is being changed with each passing day. For companies, these trends are helping to enhance customer service and innovation.

As businesses adapt to the evolutionary technologies in the workplace, they will realize that they need a service management software suite in order to both survive and thrive. Although it is an intricate technology, it is versatile, efficient and affordable for firms to install in daily practices.

It is true that service management software applications can streamline office-wide operations. With that being said, you must go to the central system which is known as the IT department.

By collaborating with the IT department and their experts, you can better exploit the features and benef.

How To Choose An Effective Content Management System

By Justine Clan

No one wants to make a bad choice when it comes to a content management system. If you make your decision without having the proper information and asking the right questions, you could regret it when easy tasks become difficult. Here are some tips to help you choose an effective CMS.

Look for a vendor who will build a partnership with your company.

Choosing a vendor for your CMS is like choosing a life partner. Look for support, vision, community, and stability and focus in a vendor. Buyers should look at technical fit as well as cultural fit. Think about the vendor’s professional services to see who would be implementing the product, as well as the partner network.

Know what makes your business tick.

No matter if your office is large or small, you need to keep it clean. This can become an overwhelming job if you try to do it yourself all the time. You may wan too consider hiring a professional office cleaner to do it for you. While there are many advantages to hiring a professional cleaner there are only a few disadvantages.


Proper Products and Tools
A professional cleaning service will offer professional working vacuums, buffers, and carpet cleaners that are in great condition for the job required. The will probably use colour-coded cleaning clothes to reduce the risk of cross-contamination (do you want a toilet cloth used to wash your kitchen counter?) If interested, you can also ask your cleaners to use environmentally friendly products to be kind to the earth and your employees.

Proper Cleaning Habits
A professional clea.

How to Negotiate the Best Car Lease & Avoid Being a Victim

By Tom Stride

Leasing can be the most affordable method of obtaining a brand new car every few years.

For many motorists across the Great White North, leasing an automobile is often the preferred alternative to outright purchasing or financing. Whether it is the motorist's poor financial state or their desire to change their vehicle every few years or so, leasing is a popular choice for many.

Despite the numerous benefits behind leasing the car of your dreams, you could face a wide array of pitfalls if you are not careful enough, which could produce much regret each time you park your sedan, fill up the SUV with gasoline or simply swapping one lane for another in your sports car. In other words, you need to employ simple but effective negotiating measures.

Indeed, even the most seasoned of lessees may fall victim to the bells and whistles of leasing advertisements and avoid comb.

How to Be the Best at Your Sales Job Without Experience

By Kelly Daniels

Whenever we think of a sales job, we tend to elicit thoughts of a sad and lonely Willy Loman from Arthur Miller's landmark play "Death of a Salesman." Despite the morose tale of a seasoned but down-on-his-luck traveling salesman, many people still want to be in sales.

And why not? The sales industry, even though highly competitive and physically demanding, can be exciting, rewarding and fun. Although it can be a tumultuous endeavour to earn that commission or hound down that client, you can utilize your creativity to achieve this.

Of course, those entering the sales industry may lack the necessary experience. Some may not perhaps even have the knack for it. Don't you worry, though, you can still flourish and thrive. For more tips, go to the Sales Talent Agency website for additional information.


4 Key Tips for Landscaping Your Yard

By Ron Ames


There are so many things that a homeowner must do to take care of their home both inside and out. But even though the inside of your home is integral to the overall look, what most people see from the street is the outside of their home. Moreover, if you like to enjoy your home during the nicer months of the year, you'll want a nicely landscaped yard and outdoor area.

To be sure, landscaping Mississauga is not an easy task. Deciding to change the entire look of the outside of your home can be a challenge. But with the following tips, you'll see that the process is much easier and more enjoyable.

1. Hire professionals when you need to.

You may find that you like the look of a landscape design that you see in a book or a magazine. But on closer inspection, you may find out that skills beyond your abilit.

A Homeowner's Guide to Smoke Detectors

By Carl Edison

The easiest and most effective way to prevent residential fires and stay safe is to install smoke detectors in every room of your house. A properly installed and maintained smoke detector works for 24 hours a day to scan for smoke or fire.


🔥 Types

The two main types of smoke detectors for your home have either photoelectric or ionization sensors. Each detects different types of fires, so dual sensor alarms have grown more popular, making there three types of residential smoke alarms.

There are two primary parts to a smoke detector: a sensor and an alarm. They can be  either hardwired into your house current or run off of a nine-volt battery. The backup batteries in your hardwired system, or main battery or batteries should be tested regularly and replaced at least twice a year, typically when the clocks change in Spring.

How to Merchandise Your Store: 10 Tips

By Janice Mark

If you’re looking for ways to make attention-grabbing merchandizing displays for your store, you have hundreds, or even thousands, of options. Here are 10 ideas for you to try.

1 | Show off the wants, not the needs.

Don’t highlight the things the customer needs; rather, focus on the things they want. If you know most chefs and bakers want a KitchenAid mixer, you don’t put put out the cheaper brand. A shopper might decide to treat herself you display the more expensive model well.

2 | Change displays monthly.

Promotional goods don’t have a very long shelf life, and each holiday and season doesn’t last very long. Always feature new arrivals first.

Keep merchandise you ordered together in the same display. Later on, what few items you have left might be grouped with new arrivals f.

Vaporizers: A Guide for Vape Enthusiasts

By Calvin Mud

There are many reasons why you might want to purchase a vaporizer. Vaporizing is more efficient than smoking, but it’s also more safe as vaporizers heat herbs without releasing any toxins or carcinogens.

You want a vaporizer, but you don’t want just any vaporizer; you want the right one for you. Here is how you can find it.

🚬 1. Portable or stationary

The first thing you should decide is whether you want a portable vaporizer or a stationary one. Portable vaporizers can generally fit inside a pocket, and they are designed for people who want to vape on the go. They are discreet, run on rechargeable batteries, and most models are easier to use than stationary vaporizers.

Stationary vaporizers are larger and designed for people who only want to vape at home. They can be plugged into a wall socket, and it’s possible to i.

How to Get Into Business College: 5 Steps

By Kelly Daniels

Getting into business college might not be as difficult as you imagine, but depending on the college you are interested in, you might have to compete with many other applicants. You will need to be well prepared, to know the business college you want to apply to, and to know yourself.

Here are a few tips on how you can get into business college.

🎓 1. Find a business college you want to get into

If you know you want to study in a business college, but you are not sure which one is the right one for you, start by making some research. Visit the websites of different business colleges, contact them to get answers to your questions, and request additional information.

Choose a college with a program that you like, and where you feel like you will belong. You might even want to speak with students to ask them what they like the most about.

What Are the Real Life Applications of Filtration?

By Carl Edison

In the most basic form of filtration, a suspension is passed through filter paper that is supported in a glass funnel. The paper captures the solid particles and leaves the clear solution, called the filtrate, to make its way through the funnel and into a receiving container.

There are two main reasons to filter something: either to capture the solids that are suspended in the fluid, or to clarify the fluid in which the solids are suspended. One example of the first option would be to pan for gold. The water is passed through a sieve and the rocks that are left behind will hopefully contain gold. An example of the latter option would be in a swage treatment facility where the liquid is the wastewater and the solids are feces and other solid wastes.

Filtration can be further classified into liquid or gaseous, depending on which o.