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6 Ways to Secure the Best Supplies for Your Restaurant

Wayne Welles 2016-07-11 10:00:00

Running your own restaurant is an exciting venture, but it also requires a lot of planification and a serious investment of both your time and money. If you are just getting started as a restaurant owner, you will need, among other things, to purchase your restaurant supplies.

If you want to get the best supplies for your restaurant, you need to understand a few things. Here are some helpful tips for you.

1. You need to start by planning your kitchen

Before you start buying restaurant supplies, you should take some time to plan exactly what you need to run your kitchen. A well-organized kitchen is important for the success of your restaurant. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies have put together a guide on how to organize your restaurant kitchen effectively.

To maximize the efficiency of your kitchen and to lower your costs, think of the restaurant supplies you absolutely need to be able to prepare the different items on your menu. Start by purchasing the essentials. As your restaurant grows in popularity, you will be able to purchase other supplies that are less essential.

2.Your restaurant needs restaurant dishes

Restaurant dishes are not the same as the dishes you can purchase anywhere for your kitchen at home. Restaurant dishes are more expensive because they are more durable, and made to withstand daily restaurant use.

You should take some time to choose restaurant dishes that reflect the style and the personality of your restaurant. If you purchase them in bulk, you will certainly be able to save some money.

3.You can purchase brand new restaurant supplies

Restaurant equipment is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break your budget. Indeed, it’s possible to find professional restaurant supplies for affordable prices. Search for a restaurant equipment provider in your area, or make some research online.

Download or order a free catalog from a provider of restaurant supplies, and shop for everything you need for the back of the house and the front of the house of your restaurant.

4.You should also consider used restaurant supplies

Purchasing brand new equipment is fun, but it can be hard on your budget. Keep in mind that many restaurant supplies providers can also offer you a wide selection of used equipment. Utensils, chairs and tables, for example, can be purchased used for a fraction of their price.

Kitchen equipment with a long life span is also perfect for buying second-hand. Commercial ovens and refrigerators last long, and if you ever need to pay to get them repaired, it will be worth your investment. You can browse the differnet types of used restaurant equipment available from the Nella Cutlery catalog.

5.Some equipment is perfect for leasing

Other equipment with a short life span should be leased instead of purchased new or used. Ice machines, dishwashers and coffee makers, for example, can be so expensive to repair that they are not worth repairing. Leasing them is often a much better option and will help you save money.

When your leased equipment breaks, you don’t need to pay for repairs. If you ever want to upgrade some equipment for a newer model, it should be easier to do so than if you had purchased it.

6.Don’t forget your tables and chairs

Restaurant tables and chairs, like restaurant dishes, are made to last. You should choose tables and chairs that match with the concept and the décor of your restaurant and, of course, you can purchase them used if you find a great opportunity.

When planning how many tables and chairs you will need to purchase, think of the design of your restaurant dining room. Make sure your dining room layout can be reconfigured to accommodate your needs and the needs of your guests.

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