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How Mobile Forms Can Save Money And Increase Productivity

Jason O'Donnell 2016-07-26 07:00:00

Enterprise businesses are often under a lot of pressure to increase productivity. You need to grow revenues, you have shareholders to keep happy, you have goals to expand, and you want to create new services and products; and you need to do all this while spending as little money as possible. There are a lot of ways to increase productivity, but one of the easiest, quickest ways to increase enterprise productivity is via mobile forms. Here are some ways mobile forms can help you.


Increased Accuracy in Data Collection

Paper forms bring with them a lot of potential problems that can interfere with the accuracy of your data collection. Avoid all these issues by switching to mobile forms and you will stop problems with skipped text fields, terrible handwriting, pet accidents, coffee stains, and more. You can learn more about data collection as described by Statistics Canada.


Increased Efficiency in Data Collection

Say your business collects data of some kind, like invoices, surveys, work orders, or inspections. People fill out the forms on paper and then the forms sit around until they are handed in or mailed in to HQ. The amount of time this wastes is enormous.

The average time it takes to find one paper document is 18 minutes. Further, approximately 70 percent of businesses would fail in three weeks if they lost paper documents to a flood or fire.

When you use mobile forms, partners and employees can quickly and easily capture info on mobile devices. If they have access to Internet, the data can be sent immediately to the cloud so other departments and employees will have instant access.


Reduction in Data Entry

If you’re getting information via paper forms, someone has to spend the time entering the data collected into computer systems so it can be accessed by those who need it. This costs time and money. With mobile forms, the data you collect can be accessible in real-time, which saves time and money on data entry and gives immediate access rather than waiting to having it manually entered. One company with just 10 field workers and one data entry clerk could save more than $60,000 per year spent on business supplies, paper form completion, and data entry.


Productivity Gained From New Insights

Mobile apps and forms can provide huge productivity gains by offering new insights for enterprise companies. Say you have each delivery truck record GPS for each stop and you plot it on a map. You discover that two of your delivery trucks are quite often in the same area, wasting money and time. You could reduce costs by having just one truck do all the deliveries there.


Evolve Your Business Practices

Introducing mobile forms to your business can get basic business tasks done more quickly, with greater efficiency, and with lower cost. You can:

  • eliminate entire days from the field reporting cycle by introducing mobile forms on a table or smartphone;
  • gather and manage data on asset fleets and construction equipment, from performance metrics and simple location;
  • allow your field employees to use mobile devices to fill out their time sheets;
  • enable supervisors to manage crew time and quickly and easily submit data into the payroll system; and
  • give your workers in the field tools for entering project info on mobile devices; this will go straight into your back-up office systems.

The inefficiencies and costs of paper forms are no longer lost with businesses that are increasing efforts to move from paper forms and manual processes to mobile apps and forms. Learn more about mobile forms with the digital resources available at Pronto Forms.


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