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How to Be the Best at Your Sales Job Without Experience

Kelly Daniels 2017-01-18 16:00:00

Whenever we think of a sales job, we tend to elicit thoughts of a sad and lonely Willy Loman from Arthur Miller's landmark play "Death of a Salesman." Despite the morose tale of a seasoned but down-on-his-luck traveling salesman, many people still want to be in sales.

And why not? The sales industry, even though highly competitive and physically demanding, can be exciting, rewarding and fun. Although it can be a tumultuous endeavour to earn that commission or hound down that client, you can utilize your creativity to achieve this.

Of course, those entering the sales industry may lack the necessary experience. Some may not perhaps even have the knack for it. Don't you worry, though, you can still flourish and thrive. For more tips, go to the Sales Talent Agency website for additional information.

Indeed, you don't have to be Alec Baldwin's character from "Glengarry Glen Ross" or Kevin Spacey's character from "The Big Kahuna." You just have to have a will to learn and work ethic.

Here are five tips to be the best at your sales job without any experience:

📋 Be a Sponge – Listen to Everyone

Let's face it: you may be a smart person, but you're new to this business so you don't know it all.

In other words, you should act like a sponge and absorb every little bit of what you're told, recommended and encouraged to do. The people in your office will have an enormous amount of experience in sales so they know a thing or two about the business and the overall industry.

Simply put: all you have to do is keep your eyes open, listen at all times and work hard.

📋 Remain Persistent Before & During

If there is one thing that every company likes it is persistence of workers.

Prior to entering the company, you have to be persistent in order to get your foot in the door. This can consist of regularly calling, emailing or faxing, if the latter is still possible; learning about the company in all different ways; and perhaps even trying to get into contact with the head honcho.

During your time at the company, you need to be extra persistent; you need to prove your worth. This is accomplished by being the first one in the door and the last one to leave. Moreover, you always have to learn and perfect your approach. You can't forget about being there for your client (see below).

It is these attributes that can help you succeed in your line of work.

📋 Customer Service is Key

Today, most people care about customer service more than saving a couple of bucks. If you are there for them, return every phone call, answer every email and arrive on time to every meeting then you will always have a client with you. This is good customer service and it is hard to replicate in this world. Respect, kindness and consideration are some things to hone in on.

📋 Making a Difference vs. Selling a Product

It is important to be honest here: a majority of the people you come across will not care one iota about your product, service or the company you're representing. They care about two things: can this product or service make a difference to the company and how much it will cost.

As a salesman, you have to differentiate between the two well in advance. You always have to practice empathy, the act of stepping inside someone else's shoes. If someone came up to you and tried to sell you a product, the first thing you would think about is how it will impact your life.

📋 Do You Like the Product or Service?

Lastly, the only way to sell a product or a service to someone else is to sell yourself first.

This may seem like a quandary, but you can't peddle merchandise without being confident in the efficacy of the product or the endurance of the service. If you are absolutely convinced then so will be the buyers. Remember, don't lie to yourself; be honest and experiment with the product.

Like Baldwin's character said in the 1993 motion picture Glengarry, you need to have brass balls in order to thrive and survive in the sales industry. In other words, you need to have a thick skin, the ability to endure rejection and the will to always be closing. Otherwise, you won't succeed.

As Willy Loman taught us, you can have a wealth of sales experience, but you can still flat on your face. You don't have experience, but that doesn't mean you can't become a sales king.

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