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How to Educate Your Employees About Document Destruction

Kelly Daniels 2016-09-22 20:00:00

When your business no longer needs paper documents that contain confidential information, you need to make sure that information will not fall into the greedy hands of identity thieves. The best way to do this is to implement a document destruction policy in your business.

Even if you hire the best document destruction company in your area, your policy won’t be very effective if your employees don’t understand the importance of properly destroying documents. Here is how you can ensure the success of your document destruction policy.

1. Get the right equipment

You have hired a document destruction company to securely handle the destruction of the documents you no longer need, and you should also make sure you can be provided with secure shred bins to collect these documents until they are ready to get destroyed.

Simply throwing confidential documents in a regular recycling bin, or even worse, in a trash can, makes no sense. Make sure you get enough secure containers to collect documents and keep them safe.

2. Tell your employees about the risks

Some of your employees might not be aware of the risks of not disposing of documents properly. Explain them that identity theft is a real threat, and that confidential information can hurt your customers as well as the reputation of your business if it falls into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, proper document destruction is important to make sure your business complies with different laws and regulations.

3. Tell your employees about the importance of shredding documents

Shredding documents is the best and safest way to dispose of confidential information, but it needs to be done right. Purchasing a paper shredder and asking one of your employees to shred documents is not the best way to proceed.

A document destruction company like Shred-it Canada will destroy your documents with an efficient crosscut shredding technology, which will make it impossible for anyone to retrieve your information. Your destroyed documents will then get recycled, and they will help create new paper.

4. Define your shredding policy

Some business owners ask their employees to decide which documents need to get destroyed. This is not a very efficient way to proceed, as employees can waste time trying to figure out if a document is confidential or not, and they can make mistakes.

To be safe, implement a shred-all policy in your business. This means that every document no longer needed will get destroyed: the only thing your employees will have to do is place these documents in a secure shred bin.

Many businesses have their shredding policies defined. You can look at the shredding policy at George Brown College as an example.

5. Place shred bins in convenient locations 

Placing documents in a secure shred bin is easy, as long as there is a shred bin nearby. Make sure to place your bins in convenient locations. You could also place small recycling bins near your employees’ workstations, and instruct them to frequently empty these bins in the secure containers.

Above all, make sure no one ever keeps a pile of documents to be shredded in plain view on the top of their desk. Shred piles should be disposed of quickly.

6. Schedule your document destruction services

You will have to find the right schedule for your document destruction services. If you see that your shred bins are full long before it’s time for your document destruction company to come and pick them up, change your schedule.

You should also make sure your employees know what to do and who to contact if they notice that a shred bin has been filled up early. Don’t let anyone throw a confidential document in the trash just because your secure shred bins are full.

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