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Pros & Cons of Hiring Office Cleaners

Tom Stride 2017-01-08 10:00:00

No matter if your office is large or small, you need to keep it clean. This can become an overwhelming job if you try to do it yourself all the time. You may wan too consider hiring a professional office cleaner to do it for you. While there are many advantages to hiring a professional cleaner there are only a few disadvantages.


Proper Products and Tools
A professional cleaning service will offer professional working vacuums, buffers, and carpet cleaners that are in great condition for the job required. The will probably use colour-coded cleaning clothes to reduce the risk of cross-contamination (do you want a toilet cloth used to wash your kitchen counter?) If interested, you can also ask your cleaners to use environmentally friendly products to be kind to the earth and your employees.

Proper Cleaning Habits
A professional cleaner will use the “top-down” method since it is the most efficient, effective way to clean. As a cleaner goes along, dirt and dust will fall to the floor so the floor should be the last to be cleaned. Make sure any cleaner you hire also sanitizes door knobs, banisters, and light switches to make reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Proper Staff and Supervision
Any professional cleaning service you hire should be bonded and insured, and uniformed. This is important to make sure your offices and contents are safe. Depending on the company, staff members will also have ID cards and a supervisor on-site. Regular surprise inspections by management will show a cleaning company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Customer Service
A professional cleaning service will give you the contact info so you can reach management or customer service with any complaints, revisions, or requests. You should always be able to speak with someone about any concerns you might have.

Green Cleaning Procedures
Your cleaning company might recommend to you no-touch soap and paper towel dispensers to reduce waste, usage, and to help save you money. Any cleaner should also turn off the lights behind themselves. Microfibre cloths can also be used instead of paper towels, in most cases, to reduce waste and the impact on the environment. For more information about green cleaning procedures, visit the University of Toronto website for more resoures.

Avoid the Work Yourself
Possibly the biggest advantage of hiring a professional office cleaning company to do the cleaning is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You may not have the time, or energy, or desire to do the job properly and it’s important to keep your office space clean and tidy. It’s less time consuming and more efficient to have pros come in once a week.


Risk of Hiring an Inexperienced Cleaner
Really, the only downside to hiring a professional office cleaner is the risk of hiring an inexperienced provider who doesn’t know how to properly clean an office setting. To avoid this problem, look for the best possible agency to handle your expectations and budget. It’s possible to find a reliable cleaning service online, or ask your friends, neighbours, relatives, and peers who they recommend.


  • When doing your research on the best office cleaning service provider, make sure to prepare a list of all the things that you want cleaned regularly, as well as occasional services you might want. Visit the Jan-Pro website if you'd like more information about office cleaning services.
  • Conduct interviews with the companies you are considering and ask about the types of services they offer.
  • Make sure you check the references (and possibly criminal records) of the company you plan to hire. Also look on the BBB website to read about any possible issues previous clients have had with the company.

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