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What Are Some Easy Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks?

Angela Nathan 2016-07-21 13:00:00

Sure, you may hire cleaners to come in an tackle the weekly dirt that accumulates, but what about the day-to-day grime? The best way to make sure your offices are consistently clean is to take on the job yourself, or have each worker maintain responsibility for his or her own space every day. This helps guarantee a neat, tidy, and clean work environment for everyone. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep on top of the job.

  • Assign a place for each item and keep it there. If needed, label the storage locations.
  • Keep a basket or closet fully stocked with all office cleaning equipment and essentials like dusting spray, wipes, glass cleaner, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, etcetera. Also provide a simple chart with common office cleaning tips with cleaning procedures indicated.
  • Limit the number of things you keep on your desk. Excess clutter makes it hard to work. Move to another location all items you don’t use frequently.
  • Clean your phone frequently: spray cleaner onto a cloth and wipe that on your phone. Dip a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol and wipe down the dial pad. Real Simple has a guide on how to clean your phone properly.
  • Purchase some wipe made especially for keyboards. Keep them handy and wipe your monitor and keyboard daily, or more often if you eat at your desk. Allow the keyboard to dry before you use it.
  • Take the trash out as often as possible and vacuum daily in areas where people eat. This will help keep bugs from making your office their home.
  • All dishes in break rooms should be washed immediately after use. Ask employees to put dried dishes away so the dish rack doesn’t become crowded. Perhaps a schedule indicating who does that, on which day, will help.
  • Ask employees to write their names on any food they put in the fridge. Anything that stays in the fridge for a long time, like salad dressings, should have the date opened written on it.
  • Assign one day each month to be “kitchen cleaning day” where any food left in the fridge will be thrown away unless it’s long-term food like olives or ketchup or other condiments.
  • Any messes in the microwave should be cleaned immediately. Waiting only makes it worse when the food dries out and becomes almost impossible to clean.
  • Clean behind furniture, and along baseboards. Even if your office is clean, a strip of dust and debris behind your desk shows you aren’t as careful as possible.
  • Take care of office plants. Water consistently, remove dry or shed leaves, and keep an eye out for disease and decay. If the plants are synthetic, make sure to dust and wash the leaves and flowers regularly. Also, move around the office so it doesn’t get sun-faded.
  • Walk around the office the way a client or visitor might, and stop to look around. Note any dirt or untidiness and take care of it.

Make sure your employees are all on board. Cleaning duties beyond keeping their own spaces clean are not usually in their employment terms, so don’t go off and assign teams to clean the office as part of their regular duty, unless you do have it in their employment terms. Otherwise, hire professionals. They will carry out the job competently and professionally, and will make sure it gets done.

Professional cleaners, such as Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, can also take care of the less desirable aspects of office cleaning jobs, like bathrooms. They will also scrub floors and windows, sanitize door knobs and surfaces, and take out the trash.


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