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What Options Are Available for Business ID Cards?

Kelly Daniels 2016-08-25 16:00:00

Employee ID cards, also called badges, help businesses control access and offer enhanced security to the place of business and its employees. When business officials choose to print the plastic cards on-site, they can immediately issue business ID badges to new hires and temporary passes to visitors immediately. With the advances in technology, ID cards can include photos, magnetic strips, proximity chips, smart chips, and more.

Here are some basic types of ID cards a business may choose to offer its employees and visitors, and the equipment used to produce the cards.


Standard ID Cards

This kind of card can be used as reusable visitor badges and employee badges and are ideal for those who need a visual credential without any internal tech. They can be designed to perform basic tasks, and can include a barcode or magnetic strip for data collection or payments.


Proximity Cards

Also known as “prox” or “proxy cards,” proximity cards are a kind of RFID (radio-frequency identification) card used to give employees and visitors access and to provide security without requiring users to insert the cards into a card reader. The card’s contactless use means it can be used for parking lot access control, general building access, and restricting access to secure areas.


Smart Cards

Smart cards are a contactless card with built-in data-management capabilities. Internal technology in the card stores and/or records data like time, attendance, personnel info, and biometric templates. Learn more about the function of smart cards at HowStuffWorks.


Printers and Systems

The type of printer/system you choose depends on the functionality you need and the space you have for the equipment. Single-sided photo ID printers do one side of your card in one pass, and the machines are small and lightweight. These are great for businesses that just need basic ID cards that have the name, photo, and company logo. You may learn more about the different types and functions of ID card printers.

Dual-sided ID badge printers print to both sides at the same time, so the user doesn’t have to flip the cards manually. If you want the front of your cards to have a minimum of the basic info needed to reduce clutter, choose the duplex printer. Information you can print on the back of ID cards includes additional card holder data like contact information and date of birth; a disclaimer or lost card info; or print both sides the same so that no matter which way the card is turned, the information can be easily read.


Supplies and Accessories

Once cards are printed, your employees will need a way to carry and/or display the. Of course, they can be kept in a wallet and brought out as needed, but most places of business prefer staff members and visitors keep the cards on display at all times. This can be done using an ID badge reel, which has a 30” extendable nylon cord and a slide-on belt clip, it offers users a convenient way to keep the card away when not being used.

Lanyards are another way to display ID cards. The 36” length gives users a hands-free option with an adjustable sliding bead and nickel-plated metal swivel attachment.


Extra Security for Visitor Passes

If you don’t like the idea of visitor passes floating around in the event a visitor leaves with one, you can purchase tab-expiring stock ID cards. These cards change colour overnight in order to prevent them from being used again.


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